INES BENKIRANE, Class of 2018
April 2020
I would like to thank you all for your amazing support and online schooling you are giving our children. It’s been so positive and actually made a positive change in the house itself in such difficult periods.
April 2020
Please allow me to inform you that I am so PROUD to be part of the SWANS community.
Thank you very, very much for your professional approaches, your clever minds and all of the effort in this difficult period. 
Everything you have proposed has been 100% perfect and you can be sure of full support from our side.
Thank you for the opportunity to have our son in such a perfect school.
March 2020
Since March 16, Swans school has demonstrated admirable coordination, planning and management – a great example of teamwork. Most especially as it was an unprecedented situation for which nobody could prepare.
The school has been "open" 24/7 (24 hours a day, seven days a week) with staff working on a daily basis from the first day of confinement, because, contrary to popular belief, quality distance learning involves the same dedication as face-to-face teaching, or even more so, when attending to students individually from a distance.
In this crisis that we are having to live through, everyone contributes their grain of sand: some make economic donations, others sew masks or gowns, etc. It is a very generous gesture on the part of the teachers to give up a week's rest, which belongs to them by right and which they need so much. This "gift" shows the commitment of the school staff and their solidarity with the families. This is our feeling, as well as that of many other parents who, like us, have entrusted their children's education to Swans School.
ANA GARCIA, March 2020
My son is delighted with the online schooling and appreciates all of the effort made by the school. I have already mentioned this to his tutor, so that she can pass it on to all of you. I also am very grateful to Swans.
INES BENKIRANE, Class of 2018
I graduated from Swans in 2018. I am now studying in Switzerland at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. Having done the IB at Swans it is fair for me to say that it was an incredibly challenging programme, but all in all it was immensely rewarding. I always tell my friends and family that no matter how hard the IB was I would do it all over again, because it gave me the confidence to confront whatever came my way at after graduating from high school. Indeed, I can say that the IB really challenged me and pushed me outside my comfort zone in countless of ways which in return allowed me to grow not only academically but also mentally,  opening my mind to different ways of thinking and doing things. In addition, the IB at Swans was very well designed. Being a relatively small year, teachers at school were able to give each one of us an individual attention, whilst at the same time giving us the responsibilities and independence we needed to grow. It was evident that we came into this two year long programme as young teenager and we graduated as young adults. The change was obvious, and it was thanks to such a well designed academic programme such as the IB, and of course our wonderful high school: Swans.
I strongly recommend the IB to everyone, because I truly believe that it is the stepping stone any student needs to gain the confidence to tackle life at university to their best potential and step into the “real world” with their head held high, and their diploma even higher.
DARYA FAYED, Class of 2011
Swans has literally been a second home for me.
I started in Early Years when I was only 2 years old and I left when I was 17. It has been the place where I’ve learnt many of the things that I know today and it’s where I made my first best friends. I still remember when Miss. Anne taught us how to swim or how we used to sing songs during assembly and when I think about these memories, I have to say, it incredible how fast we grow.
Right now I’m studying Psychology in Madrid, at the University of Comillas and I’m very happy to have chosen to come here.
We appreciate the proactive approach that we have seen on many fronts, and it makes us, with perfect hindsight, realise that we made the right choice of school for our daughter Alexia when we emigrated from Monaco to Spain-Marbella the summer of 2016.
Alexia is graduating this year, with impressive results, thanks to your school's efforts and joining the I.E. university Madrid campus (all going well) in September this year with a most welcome, and to be honest well deserved, IE - Latham & Watkins Entrepreneurial Lawyering Scholarship for the Bachelor of Laws Madrid Campus.
LAMIA RABHI, Class of 2011
Swans is more than just a school for me, it was my second home and it will always have a very special place in my heart. In Primary, I made friends whom I still hold dear today and I met teachers whose faces and good deeds are forever etched in my mind.
Now I am currently studying in London and whenever I come back to Spain, one of the first things that I do is visit Swans.
GUSTAVO REQUE, Class of 1982
To remember my childhood as a pupil in Swans is to remember a very happy time in my life. To be honest, the most memorable times were innumerable games of football played in the “middle area” between the villas. Discipline was required but this didn’t mean we abandoned our child-like spirit. In this environment I learned to be a responsible student. Some years later when I moved to the USA for family reasons, I discovered that I was very well prepared for my new life there. I want the same experience for my children who now study at Swans and have no doubt that, thanks to the excellent teaching staff, they will be provided with all the necessary tools to succeed in life wherever they go.
OLIVER CHURCH, Class of 1988
One of the most important choices a parent has to make is where to educate your child. For me this decision was very easy due to my own experience I had as a child at Swans School. Swans Primary School has upheald a fantastic reputation over the years and when I enrolled my son, Sebastian, I was delighted when I received news about his acceptance, knowing he would experience a quality education when, some 24 years on, some of my old teachers are still dedicated to providing a fantastic education.
Being raised in Marbella, many things have changed along the coast over the years, however, Swans still manages to maintain the same family essence it did all those years ago when I was a child.
LORENZO SÁNCHEZ, Class of 1979
Despite time and change, I am delighted to see not only my school is where I left it, but also that its spirit, its values and its unique education will pass on to my own children and, thanks to Swans, their future will see them excellently educated and better people.