In 2015, inspired by the top schools in the UK and the highly successful teaching systems in Singapore we raised the standards of our curriculum. Whilst it provides a more challenging study, the content is more condensed than it was previously, with a core focus on skills such as vocabulary development, high levels of maths, essay writing and computer programming.
We help our young students to achieve their best using a variety of teaching and learning styles and strategies, including ‘cooperative learning’.
Importance is placed on both academic and social skills to encourage children to become active learners and responsible members of the community. Children will have opportunities to participate in individual, group and whole class activities with an emphasis on the learning being interesting, meaningful and relevant to the child. This is enhanced through both practical experiences and educational visits.
We have a learning support department consisting of an educational psychologist, speech and language therapist  and a SENCo. They provide a wealth of knowledge surrounding child behaviour and conflict resolution. They hold the most up to date qualifications in their field and are able to support children who are underachieving as well as extend our most able children.
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