Learning Support​


Swans School aims to support all students with their learning needs. We work to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment, offering students the chance to shine and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Children with special educational and disability needs are valued and respected as equal members of the school - an inclusive recognition of a neurodiverse world. We ensure that students with specific learning needs are identified and provided for in a prompt, professional and caring manner. Our staff dedicate themselves to working in partnership with parents; enabling them to actively understand and contribute to the education of their child.

English as an Additional Language

The support needs of pupils requiring extra English are quickly identified and catered for through a multilayered inclusive approach.  Where necessary, dedicated classes with reduced student numbers, give pupils the opportunity to confidently practice the four essential skills needed to acquire a language - speaking, listening, reading and writing. Pupils are also supported with their basic integration into our school community, with the Learning Support and English department providing ample advice to students and their families. The overall objective of extra-English is to facilitate the students to fully partake, enjoy, and succeed at Swans.

Highly Able - High Performance Learning

At Swans we have high expectations of all our students, and believe every individual has the potential to achieve excellence. We believe in a Growth Mindset philosophy that places hard work, ambition, perseverance and neurological optimism at the centre of our community. Enrichment activities and curriculum challenge offer many of our Highly Able students opportunities to develop, explore, and fulfil their potential.  Pre and post-school clubs, such as Breakfast Book Clubs for avid readers, Creative Writing Workshops, Debate Clubs and involvement in organisations such as the European Youth Parliament are just some of an ever increasing array of specialist activities. Throughout the year we also embed specialist High Performance Learning investigative projects days, that challenge the students involved to work collaboratively and creatively to solve complex real life problems. Children are the most inspirational thinkers and we are honoured and proud to witness their numerous moments brilliance.