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Why Uniform is Important

We expect our Swans School students to take pride in their appearance, and so we have carefully chosen uniforms that are both smart and modern.

School uniforms are important because they promote:

School Spirit A uniform boosts the sense of pride in being part of the school community. It helps children to feel that they belong and it encourages teamwork.


Uniforms allow students to feel more connected with each other on an equal level, regardless of their background or nationality.

When all students adhere to the same dress code, many of the insecurities about appearance and clothing are removed, and therefore students are better able to concentrate on their studies.

Discipline Children learn the basics of discipline from a very early age, and they take these habits onward into adulthood. Wearing a uniform encourages good personal presentation skills, and therefore boosts self-confidence and gives a sense of purpose and motivation. 

Preparing for Life Beyond Education

Accustomising our students to wearing smart clothing allows them to better adapt to the subsequent world of work, where suits and ties are often required. 

The above photos clearly illustrate our primary school and secondary school uniform. Please do note that all students from Year 6 until Year 11 are expected to wear a Swans School blazer. If a student feels cold, s/he should wear the Swans School jumper under the blazer. The blazer must be worn when arriving and departing from school.


If you have any further doubts please ask at our Swans School Uniform Shop. The opening times are listed below:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00am until 10:00am

  • Tuesday and Thursday: 3:30pm until 4:30pm