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Nabil Results Day

We are proud to announce that the Class of 2022 have secured a 100% IB pass rate with 9 students scoring over 40 points.

Roni, Nabil, Samuel, Mencia, Lucia, Felipe, Seve, Mia and Pauline are amongst the top 10% of all IB students worldwide.

Whilst almost 50% of Swans School students scored 37 points and above, which would typically put them in the top 22% of students worldwide.

Special congratulations go to Roni Masri who gained a full marks score of 45 points (achieved by only the top 1% of students worldwide).

This was a tremendous result in the school’s 50th Anniversary Year. These students now leave us perfectly prepared for the next phase of their lives. The IB Diploma continues to be the Gold Standard in Sixth Form education and we look forward to another 50 years of success.

Swans School International Baccalaureate Results 2022