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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The forced closure of our school has challenged many of our scheduled activities – yet we know that one of life’s key skills is to be adaptable, and so the English department and the library decided to make our secondary school Book Week a virtual event. 

To celebrate the theme “Reading is Power: Words Can Change the World”, students and teachers had originally been asked to attend school on Monday 30th March in a creative costume. Instead, our online learners (and teachers) customised their profile pictures to transform themselves into a world-changing literary figure of their choice for the week – whether through a photo of themselves dressed in their costume or by using a little photoshop magic. Our Sixth Form students proved themselves dab hands at this, with three of them – Valeria, Teresa and Abby – being voted through to the grand final for best photo, along with Carlota (Y8). 

For the Book Week Film Competition, students made films inspired by a text that changed the world, and submissions were of an exceptionally high calibre. Each day our secondary school community voted on their favourite film with Jess (Y12), Isabel (Y7), Jazmin (Y9), Greta (Y9), Angelica (Y9), Carlota (Y8), Nico (Y6) and Alvaro (Y5) reaching the grand final, with their creative and innovative films inspired by Charles Darwin, The Hunger Games, The Awakening and Dracula respectively.

(Please watch the films at the links above)

Student Council members Elias, Seve, Jess and Nyika also produced a brilliant podcast interviewing three of the greatest authors of our time: Virginia Woolf, Karl Marx and Edgar Allan Poe. Listen by clicking here – it's great!

One of our favourite activities of Book Week is always DEAR time – that moment in which we get to Drop Everything And Read. This week we had a DEAR session once a day, with lessons being interrupted to allow students and teachers alike to lose themselves in their book for a little while. It proved to be a great way to take a break from screen time and clear the mind.

The Art Department’s Book Week book cover competition has seen some wonderfully creative entries so far and will continue to accept submissions, with winners announced soon. Year 8 have also held a themed sculpture competition, using empty toilet rolls, and have risen to the challenge to produce some charming responses, with winners announced soon.

Our drama students produced some beautiful artwork in the role on the wall activity that explored the characters from their books.

We loved receiving the photos of our students having fun while reading at home with their families. Our librarian Ms Ling says "thank you to EVERYONE who submitted something to the competitions – the response was truly overwhelming and just went to show how creative and enthusiastic the Swans community is, even in the face of adversity."

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The latest issue of our student magazine, Pulse, was also distributed today and can be seen by clicking this link. The content is made by and for the Swans community and put together by editors Simone and Carmen (both in Y12), with this term’s editorial features including: 

  • Our Society Unmasked: Can the current situation teach us to be less selfish?

  • The Australian Bush Fires: Record-breaking temperatures and lack of rain. 

  • Pancakes-vs-Crepes: Golden brown yumminess in just 15 minutes

  • Poetry from the Swans Writers: Students respond to Edward Hopper paintings.

  • Un Café Espresso en Espacio: Una nueva máquina que hace espuma en gravedad cero.



Please also remember that even though our school is taking a quick break for Easter week, we are still accepting letters for the isolated patients in hospital across Spain. What a great way to practise your written Spanish, whilst giving somebody a little comfort and support. We are very happy to see that our students are getting behind this great initiative, and we welcome letters (or drawings) from parents or siblings as well. Please email your letter to


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