The month of October is all about TOK – the Theory Of Knowledge. This is a core component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma which encourages students to question the nature of knowledge, and how it is used and misused. Through discussions, exploration and experimentation, we help our students to think more critically and analytically, leading to an understanding that variations in emotion, reasoning and language impact what we think we know.

This year Swans is taking the opportunity to celebrate the Theory of Knowledge with our students from Year 7 and upwards, throughout the secondary school. Tutor times are being used to consider the significance of ambiguous images, analysing how our own opinions are formed and how they differ from others.

Year 10 have looked at how colour affects taste and how being bilingual helps us to acquire more knowledge. Year 11 have explored their senses and memory, whilst Year 12 have discussed what is real and confirmation bias.

As an IB World school we love the philosophy that lies behind the curriculum. We also look to promote social skills and we invite our students to engage in classroom discussions wherever possible. 

Swans TOKtoberfest is a celebration of knowledge that will give our younger students a head start in developing critical thinking skills, helping them to succeed in the IB Diploma, as well as in many other subjects in school. It has already proven to be a very popular activity and will now be a firm annual fixture on the school calendar. 

If you would like to receive more information on why Swans School is an IB World school and what it is that makes the International Baccalaureate such an enriching experience, please request an appointment by email.

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