Swans Launches Photography Competition

We are now inviting our students to enter the first Swans School Photography Competition! We want to see what Swans School means to our own students. We encourage everyone to be creative and to have fun with the idea. A variety of prizes will be awarded for winners in each Key Stage.

Video produced by Jess in Year 13.

“What is your favourite thing about school? What do you think you will most remember from your days at Swans?"

Friends? Reading? Playtimes? Sport? Favourite teacher? Hard work and determination? Debate Club? The food!? Or even just the sound of the bell?

The best selection of photos will be displayed in a gallery in the primary and secondary school offices. We will also share them on Facebook and Instagram for all of our community to enjoy!

Photography is a fantastic visual artform that teaches children how to be creative, to analyse and observe. Photographers need to be aware of the environment around them and to appreciate beauty in many different forms. We hope that our students will use this competition as a positive opportunity to share their experiences of our Swans community.

All students from Year 3 through to Year 13 are welcome to enter with a photo that shows something about Swans Life. A panel of professional judges will choose winners for the different age groups.

for some tips on how to take a great photo.

Students should remember to complete this form if they wish to take photos in school. Younger children may ask their teacher to help with the form.

Photos should be sent by email to competitions@swansschool.net

They must be taken and submitted in high resolution. Photos must not share personal/ private information and any people featured in the photographs must have media consent (i.e. be allowed to appear on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram).


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