Swans Football Club

Swans School is excited to commence professional football training next week for Years 6 - 9. UEFA PRO training team, Sportcab, will support our PE department with twice weekly football training, driving our players’ development with weekly matches.

We strongly believe that whilst talent helps to win matches, it is a good team ethic that wins tournaments. Therefore, our Swans FC training will not only focus on ambitiously improving technique and tactical understanding, but we will also look to develop an inclusive team with a clear philosophy of camaraderie and positive social behaviour.

Our Swans FC players will become role models for the school community, clearly promoting the Swans values of Positivity, Proactivity and Pride.

Sportcab provides a guided learning system that is adapted to the specific strengths of each individual player for a visibly improved collective team performance. All players must participate in a manner that benefits the team as a whole, therefore boosting the self esteem of all players, and stimulating great mental health.

Parents are welcome to watch training sessions and matches at Swans School in our stunning Sierra Blanca campus. Please request a visitor badge from reception.

In addition, Mr Luan is preparing our younger Primary School children for Swans FC with football training after school and on Saturdays.

For more information on Swans Football Club, Saturday Football or any other Swans School extracurricular activity, please contact the Swans School office.

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