Swans activity days

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Last Friday we took a little time out of our busy curriculum schedule to encourage social engagement throughout the school, bringing the house teams together and blending the year groups. Teaching staff worked hard to ensure that the activities provided a mix of physical and mental stimulation with the aim to strengthen our community feeling and peer appreciation.

The whole secondary school buzzed with excitement as Years 6, 7 and 8 collaborated to strategise and solve tricky problems. It was also great to see mixed abilities and ages encouraging each other through the racing and sporting events. 

Our secondary school media representatives, Miguel Garcia Sanchez and Tess Martin Borowy reported, "The true focus of these friendly activities was to help develop our cherished school community by creating a friendly environment with continually improving team-building skills."

Students Miguel and Tess continue by saying "We built new friendly relationships and worked well with one another. It gave us the opportunity to collaborate with other new students. And we got to socialise with people who we don't normally spend time with throughout our school day.

We all had a very fun day and we went home very joyful and satisfied with our splendid experience out of normal classes!"

We have 2 more activity days planned for 2019, which will be equally full of fun and challenges. Not forgetting the opportunities to earn valuable positive comments and house points for their teams. Eagles have just pushed into the lead with 1909 point so far this academic year!

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