Summer sports academy

Monday 1st of July – Friday 9th of August 2019

Monday to Friday. 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Summer sports academy is open to all children (it is not required to be a Swans School student)

We offer an exciting and varied Sports Academy in English and Spanish for 10 to 14 year olds including a huge variety of sporting activities... in preparation for our fantastic Friday Tournament where all students will receive a medal.

Places are limited and yours can be secured by coming into the school’s office and filling in the inscription form together with full payment. Priority is given to children who will be attending the full course but there is an option to enroll your child for the first or last three weeks.

Students should bring: • Swimming kit with swimming hat DAILY • Sun cream and cap • Their own bike and helmet on cycling days • Trainers and football boots every day • Flip flops and sandals are not suitable for walking and most other activities

Sporting activities include:

  • Football: Warm-up exercises. Attack. Defence. Passing and shooting drills. 5v5 matchplay

  • Basketball: Warm-up exercises. Attack. Defence and offence drills. 5v5 matchplay

  • Handball: Warm-up exercises. Throwing and catching. Drills. Team matches

  • Fun-tennis: Warm-up exercises. Forehand and backhand. Drills. Tennis games. 1v1 matches

  • Swimming: Warm-up exercises. Sprint and relay races. Water polo and fun games

  • Athletics: Warm-up exercises. Sprint and relay races. Long jump. Shot put & lots more...

  • Rounders. Warm-up exercises. Throwing, catching and running drills. Team matches

  • Touch rugby: Warm-up exercises. Handling, throwing and catching drills. Team games

  • Kwik cricket: Warm-up exercises. Throwing, catching and batting drills. Team matches.

  • Cycling proficiency: 6-week cycling course with certificates awarded

  • Friday tournaments: Each team will receive bronze, silver or gold medals

Price: (light lunch included)

• Full course 1,200€ • 3 weeks 650€ (+34) 952 902 755

School uniform is not required for the sports academy

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