We hardly need to outline the reasons why this year’s Swans School Student Council has not had it easy.  Not that you would know it from the unrelenting, unwavering, undimmed positivity with which they have risen to every single challenge they have encountered.

Student Council began the year with a clear mission - they had already identified their goals and the issues that really mattered to them. Ways to help the environment - like cutting down on meat consumption and getting better at recycling - were top of their agenda, and so they gave a series of informative assemblies to each year group to raise awareness and support initiatives like Meat Free Monday.  

Ten council members then trained as Digital Leaders.  They completed a taxing online course and led group sessions with younger peers to begin passing on everything they have learned about staying safe online, and this will continue into next year and beyond.

At Christmas they raised their own funds by running a karaoke stall at the Christmas Fair, so as to be able to make improvements and renovations to the Vertical Garden that they had created the year before.  The intention was to convert the garden into a Mindfulness Garden - a place where small groups of students and staff could take time to reflect in a calm and safe space.  They spent a fine day in mid March building a picnic bench, painting a mural, creating mobiles from recycled materials and potting all sorts of seeds and seedlings into upcycled pots utilising waste plastic and metal from the school kitchens. 

The forced closure of the school occurred just two days after the Mindfulness Garden was renovated, but in the short time it was open, it hosted mentoring, learning support and reflection for more than twenty students in small groups.  The Student Council were glad they managed to bring their project to completion and provide a place for contemplation just when everyone needed it most.

Even the move to online learning left our valiant Council undaunted!  They took their meetings online, without interruption, and immediately came up with the fantastic idea of providing a program of online extracurricular clubs.  Touch Typing with Nyika, Chess with Lance, Scribble Club with Jess, Debate Club with Seve, Fashion Design with Simone, Social Psychology with Daria, Netflix Club with Zoe and Mikaela, Just Dance with Shahina, Kristina and Teresa, and Comedy Club with Elias ran throughout the summer term.  They kept members positive, engaged and entertained, bringing students together even when they had to remain apart, and teaching them amazing new skills and ways to have fun in the process.

Here is a video overview of just some of their projects 2019/2020.

"up cycling, beautifying, learning from the Swans legends..."

Our student council 2019/2020: What a legacy! A massive well done and a million thanks to them - they've been so brilliant!

  • Angelica Year 6

  • Nyika Year 6

  • Glasha Year 6

  • Isabel Year 7

  • Arturo Year 7

  • Ana Maria Year 7

  • Miguel Year 8

  • Julia Year 8

  • Manuel Year 8

  • Mikaela Year 9

  • Maria Year 9

  • Lucia Year 9

  • Alvaro Year 10

  • Sophie Year 10

  • Elias Year 10

  • Severino Year 11

  • Samuel Year 11

  • Roni Year 11

  • Jessica Year 12

  • Teresa Year 12

  • Calum Year 13

  • Maria Year 13

The new Council line-up is soon to be announced… and we can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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