Special Educational Support

With a motto like “nil sine labore” (nothing without hard work) it is clear that Swans School has high expectations of our students.

Therefore, we provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment, and we strive to give our children the opportunity to excel at whatever makes them uniquely special. Whether that be science, maths, reading, the arts, sports, or music, we guide our students through a framework of academic and social-emotional support.

Anne White, Deputy Headteacher, Learning Support, SENDCO, Swans School,

Our primary school class teachers keenly observe and promote talents. Equally, they identify any requirements for additional learning support which are then assessed, provided for and regularly reviewed. In 2020, Swans Primary School Headteacher, Miss Karen, completed a master’s degree in education with a focus on specifically learning how our children learn. “I now understand more about the different ways in which children absorb information, and the educational techniques that adapt to each of these varying situations. This information has now been fed back into our classrooms", she says.

In secondary school, when the pressures of exams become more evident, the Form Tutors, Heads of Year and Head of Pastoral Care work hand-in-hand with subject departments to ensure positive achievements are celebrated, and any difficulties are promptly addressed in collaboration with the Learning Support department.

David Fletcher, SENDCO, Swans School

This team effort is fundamental to the Swans’ philosophy of working closely with students and their families to ensure outstanding success. Miss Anne, Swans Primary School Head of Learning Support says, “It is fundamental that we work in partnership with our pupils and parents to come up with the best solutions. A culture of co-operation enables children who require support to achieve their full potential in a kind and nurturing environment.”

The Learning Support Department has a very wide brief within the school. It works with students for all sorts of reasons. Some students’ neurodiversity hinders their ability to access the curriculum and make educational progress without special assistance. Whether it is dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, attention dysregulation, hyperactivity, executive functioning difficulties, or simply an issue with reading, writing, spelling, organisation, and maths, our team is ready to help, and to ensure reasonable educational adjustments are made to the individual’s whole school experience.

The Learning Support Department is also crucial to ensuring that new students and families settle well into our learning community. For example, Swans School students must achieve high levels of both English and Spanish – which some new students can find a challenge. The team quickly identifies these needs and provides a multilayered and inclusive approach to providing the necessary linguistic support so that the student is able to fully take part, enjoy, and succeed.

Finally, the Learning Support team coordinates, tracks, and seeks to provide educational programmes for those students who have Highly Able and High Achiever tendencies. Enrichment activities and curriculum challenges offer many of our Highly Able students opportunities to develop, explore, and fulfil their potential – these opportunities are often identified by our Educational Psychologist, Marta, and through community networks.

Extracurricular activities, such as Breakfast Book Clubs, Creative Writing Workshops, Debate Clubs and involvement in organisations such as the European Youth Parliament are just some of an ever-increasing array of specialist activities. This year we have introduced competitive robotics for Year 6. We also challenged the most talented secondary school scientists to compete in the RAF’s International Glider Challenge where teams competed to design aircraft that out-flew those from schools around the world. Last week, Mr Fletcher linked once again with Malaga University to allow students from Year 8 to Year 12 to join degree level research projects into topics such as Astro-Biology (meteorites and the molecular composition of asteroids and space dust).

David Fletcher, Head of the Learning Support Department, says, “Children are the most inspirational thinkers and we are honoured and proud to witness their numerous moments of brilliance”.


Our Learning Support team consists of Anne White (Swans Primary School Deputy Headteacher and Primary Head of Learning Support - SENDco), David Fletcher (Secondary School Head of Learning Support - SENDco), Marta Bauluz (Educational Psychologist, Language and Speech and Language Therapist), Kim Hugill (Lead Teacher), Joanna Smith (Learning Support Assistant), plus a network of specialist learning support teachers.


If you have any questions about how to support your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the following Swans School members of staff:

  • Primary School Deputy Headteacher and Head of Learning Support - (SENDco): Miss Anne White awhite@swansschool.net

  • Secondary School Head of Learning Support - (SENDco): David Fletcher dfletcher@swansschool.net

  • Educational Psychologist and Primary Wellbeing Support: Marta Bauluz

  • Head of Year, Form Tutors or Class Teachers

Or send an email via the office



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