Positivity, Proactivity and Pride

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

As you know, Swans School firmly believes in the 3 Ps: Positivity, Proactivity and Pride.

At this challenging time, we have witnessed an abundance of these key characteristics and would like to say a huge thank you to our whole community. As we live a moment in history that even our youngest students will remember forever, we strive as a team to support each other and sustain an enriching learning environment.

Our first priority was to ensure that classes continued, and we are happy to see that attendance and engagement is high. 

However, we are aware that the whole family needs support that goes beyond the academic, and therefore we have expanded our website to include “Online Resources”. Please see this new area that collects together fun and creative ideas from our whole team, including recipes and top family film tips.


We will continue to update these resources over the coming days, with the intention that this will be a permanent family tool that will grow and evolve to fit future needs. 


Don’t forget to keep sharing photos of all that you do. Please email library@swansschool.net

Above are just a few of the wonderful photos we have received so far. We’d love to see a good mix of class and “extracurricular” activities.  

We also invite students to send us feedback by video of their experiences of online learning so far. The video clips will be combined into one Swans School visual diary – a great keepsake for all of us to look back on, in years to come.

Next week’s Virtual Book Week will bring us lots more fun and enjoyment for the secondary school students.

Overall the quality of work being produced by our students whilst online learning is incredible. Here is just one example of a piece produced for drama. Miss Kate sent students a menu of creative tasks to choose from. Jazmin in Year 9 produced a fantastic short film called "Beneath the Surface."

The feedback since our forced closure on March 16th has been overwhelmingly positive, from parents, students and teachers alike. Again, we thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. All comments help us to fine-tune this learning environment, inspiring our young learners and growing as a community.

In conclusion, here are a few final words of positivity from Julia Notario in Year 8, in the form of an acrostic poem.

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