Miss Karen graduates with a Master's degree

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Swans School is a great believer in life-long learning and is very pleased to announce that our principal and primary headteacher, Miss Karen Kearns, has obtained her Master's Degree in Education. Miss Karen returned to the Birmingham Symphony Hall last month to enjoy the graduation ceremony with her family. 

As a leading educator Karen embraces the development of learning skills. “We always look to improve student understanding of core principles – from Early Years through to Sixth Form – and this has given me a great opportunity to explore educational research and the latest educational techniques to feed back into classrooms."

Karen Kearns first joined Swans School in 2002. During this time she also qualified as a school inspector, subsequently becoming a lead school inspector. When asked why she undertook these extra responsibilities, she says “When Swans was inspected by the education authorities the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we were often referred to as an example of outstanding practice. Therefore, when OFSTED invited new applications for the inspector role, I thought it would provide a chance to share our experiences and successes with other institutions, and help to raise school standards across the board.”

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