Maths Week

Last week, Swans Primary School held a Maths Week to continue promoting learning and enthusiasm for the subject. We spent time exploring how maths is found in the real world around us.

On Friday 7th May, Years 3 to 6 held a times tables competition, using Times Tables Rockstars. This entailed a qualifying stage, semi-finals and a grand final in which classes faced off to become champions. In each phase, children had a limited time to answer correctly as many times tables and divisions as possible. Thanks to the Times Tables Rockstars resource, children were set times tables specific to their age and level, making it a fair competition between all classes in Key Stage 2. The champions were 6BM with 3JA coming 2nd. It was a tie between 4HW and 6PF for 3rd place.

This is the second Times Tables Rockstars event that we have enjoyed in Swans Primary School this academic year – a great boost for times table recall.

Although children start to learn times tables facts in Years 1 and 2, the main focus of this lies in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). Therefore, a "scavenger hunt" style activity was carried out for Year 1 and Year 2, with students on the search for maths questions in the playground. The students were tasked with finding every hidden question and answering them.

Miss Hannah in Year 1 said, “it is one of the best events the children have taken part in, as they were all so enthusiastic, working as a team and using their maths skills to have fun!”

Overall, it was an exciting day filled with mystery, competitiveness and fun. It was fantastic to receive so many comments (verbally and by email) from students who wanted to tell us that this was one of the best activities they had been part of.

Swans School organises regular maths activities that better engage our students and elevate learning. Students are therefore less afraid to make mistakes and they quickly learn from their errors. They are also driven to improve by the competitive nature of the games.

It is crucial that children become familiar and confident with basic maths concepts at an early age. Not only does it help them to develop the subject throughout their later years of education, but it also provides logic and problem-solving skills for everyday life. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, an ability to handle large amounts of data is a significant advantage.

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