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We were very excited to welcome our students back to school yesterday and hear about all of the screen-free activities that they enjoyed in recognition of the National Day of Unplugging. Thank you to all who participated. Mar in Year 4 made a particularly brilliant papier-mâché globe.

Whilst technology plays a valuable role in our lives these days, we also encourage a balance of time away from devices. And we have PLENTY of opportunity during the month of March! Primary and secondary school students are recognising the British Science Week with lots of experimental fun, and of course we have one of our biggest annual events in the last week of term – the Swans School Book Week!

To help you to keep track of all that is happening during the month of March, please see the below list.

March 7th - 11th

Secondary School Science Week

Year 7 - 8

STEM activities and investigations based around the theme "our diverse planet"

March 8th

Día Internacional de la Mujer,

Year 6 - 13

Classroom activities

March 8th - 15th

Global Languages Championships

Year 6 - 13

Spanish language competition by Education Perfect

March 14th and 21st

Primary School Parent Evening

Early Years - Year 6

Booking form will be sent to parents

March 14th - 18th

Primary School Science Week

Early Years - Year 6 "Growing"

Assembly, workshops and experiments based around the theme "Growing".

March 15th

Year 9 Parents Evening

Year 9

Students to book the meeting times with their teachers

March 16th

Year 7 Parents Evening

Year 7

Students to book the meeting times with their teachers

March 17th


Year 6 - 13

The first Swans Swap Shop. Please bring clothes, sporting equipment, iPad/ laptop covers or similar before March 11th

March 18th

Global Day of Recycling

Early Years - Year 6

Classroom activities and fun

March 21st

Year 3 excursion

Year 3


March 21st - 23rd

Times Tables Rock Stars

Year 3 - 6

Worldwide school competition. Points are accumulated for answering times tables questions correctly.

March 21st - 25th

Charity food collection

All School

Please bring non-perishable foods and sanitary items to the school reception to be donated to Caritas Virgin del Rocio Church in San Pedro.

March 21st - 25th

Francophone Week

Year 5 - 12

An exploration of the French nationality with classroom activities, traditional games and cuisine.

March 24th

Year 2 excursion

Year 2

Selwo Aventura

March 28th - April 1st

Book Week

Primary School

Storytelling and poetry activities with a focus on Julia Donaldson books

Year 6 - Year 13

"Retro Reading" with a host of literary challenges

March 30th

Year 5 excursion

Year 5

Dólmenes de Corominas

As always, we'll be sharing photos and updates of all of these events on our social media channels.

If you would like to receive any additional information, please contact our school office.

Swans Primary School: +34 952773248

Swans Secondary School: +34 952 902 755

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