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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Online safety awareness continues to be a top priority for Swans School. Our primary school children are enjoying half-termly activities to broaden their understanding of the advantages of the internet, as well as the potential pitfalls. In Secondary School, we embraced Digital Citizenship month and continue to step away from our devices whenever possible.

Now we prepare for Safer Internet Day on 9th February. This year the international organisation encourages us to work together to make the internet a safer place.

Our Digital Leaders have produced this video to highlight the theme of Online Responsibility.

How are we influenced by things that we see online? What exactly is “fake news”? Can we tell what is fact and what is fiction?

On Tuesday, Years 1 and 2 will enjoy a Google Meet assembly with Miss Karen whilst Key Stage 2 will join Miss Lindsay. Classes will then compete in a Kahoot quiz, that will test their understanding of what to do and, more importantly, what not to do online.

Also, following the success of our first “Switch Off Sunday”, Swans Primary School will once again encourage our families to put down all electronics for the day and enjoy some more active or traditional pastimes.

Below is a Word Cloud created to show just a few of the things that our children told us they’d loved doing with their families during last term’s Switch Off Sunday.

Please do join us for another “Switch Off Sunday” on 14th February. On the following Monday, our children will swap stories and draw pictures of all of their favourite activities.

Swans Secondary School are dedicating the whole week from 8th February to internet safety. Tutor times will be used to discuss online issues and brainstorm ways to make the internet safer. We will be using PSHE lesson time to explore how unreliable information can affect the way that we feel about ourselves and others.

Please also click the links below to read three parent information sheets from National Online Safety.

We urge all primary and secondary school parents to take a moment to learn about the following, and how they may influence our children’s behaviour:

The internet is an ever-increasingly powerful aspect of our lives. And it changes every day. It is important that we all take a little time to talk to our children about what they are doing online: their interests, activities and friendships.

If ever you have doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact our Pastoral Care team.


Details of our Care Team are listed below:

  • Educational Psychologist and Primary Wellbeing Support: Marta Bauluz

  • Primary School General: please feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have with your class teacher

  • Primary School Head of Pastoral Care and SENDco: Miss Anne White

  • Secondary School SENDco: Mr David Fletcher

  • Secondary School Head of Pastoral Care: Miss Debra Hodder

  • Year 7: Miss Natalie Denton

  • Year 8: Mr Ajaya Todd

  • Year 9: Miss Amelie Rault

  • Year 10: Miss Sandra Velazquez

  • Year 11: Miss Marisa Parsons

  • Years 12 and 13: Miss Michelle Roberts

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