Friends Across the Water

Swans Student Council’s Friendship Bands Project for RifCom

It has been a challenging year for all of us, and even the Student Council have had to make adjustments. Since members span seven different year group bubbles, there have had to be seven separate meetings each and every month, with communication between the meetings limited to what can be relayed through Ms Ling or shared in writing on the Google Classroom.

This has made coming together on shared projects even more important than ever. Which is why it seems particularly appropriate that this year’s RifCom fundraiser was all about bridging gaps, spanning distance, and showing friends that we care even when we can’t actually be together.

The Council came up with the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day with friendship bands. They would be lovingly homemade by the Council and sold at school to represent not only our friendship with each other throughout the Swans School community, but also our friendship with the communities we offer our support to in Morocco.

Through YouTube videos, the Council taught themselves the skills needed and, having set production goals, set off to spend many hours of their own time weaving the bands. Together they managed to create more than two hundred bands! We should also thank the small but rather wonderful team of Sixth Form students who were subcontracted to help out, for their contribution to the stock and also for their additional ideas about styles.

After a two-week quarantine period, bands were sold within bubbles on Friday 12th February – and they went like the proverbial hot cakes! Thanks to Ms Debra, Swans students can now wear their friendship bands with their uniform (and with pride) until the end of the Easter holidays.

And the best part? The Student Council has raised over €300 so far for RifCom!

This was presented to Ms Anne Smyth (Swans legend and RifCom Co-Founder) at the end of term, but they hope to be able to add to this total in the coming months as they still have some stock left to sell.

Well done to all the members of Swans Secondary’s Student Council for their continuing positivity and hard work. Anyone who would like to purchase one of the remaining friendship bands is urged to get in touch on, and show their support for our friends in Morocco, as well as those closer to home.

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