Extra Curricular Activities

Swans School extra curricular activities commenced this week!

Although the need to comply with COVID-related bubbles has limited our ability to offer these activities as widely as we would like, we are pleased to include a variety of creative and active experiences, as well as additional learning support.

Also, we are delighted to announce that this term a number of our students wanted to share their skills with their peers. These activities include:

Media Club

with Maria and Yelizaveta

Each Wednesday, our Year 11 students have the opportunity to master the skills of photography, cinematography, editing and media management. They will also share knowledge of the historical and technical aspects of each discipline.

Through the course, students will develop an understanding of how big companies portray their views with words and imagery, therefore influencing our own beliefs or preferences.

To register: please complete the google form distributed to all students.

Study Tips and Tricks

with Daria and Ana

Each Friday these Year 10 students will share their tried and tested revision tips, such as how to make flashcards, study notes, study schedules and other ways to work more efficiently and productively. Daria and Ana say, “knowing how to organise study sessions helps us to be more prepared for the important upcoming examinations.”

To register: please complete the registration form and return it to the school office.

Cooking Club (online)

with Miguel and Julia

This is a fantastic initiative that stems from the success of Julia and Miguel’s Lockdown Cookery Club. Students (and their families) learn cooking theory and skills, in a relaxed environment, with a very yummy outcome. The recipes are posted each week on Wednesday with a video, clear instructions and pictures.

Once made, these delicious dishes can then be brought into school and sold, to raise money for our house charities.

To register: please complete the google form distributed to all students.

Dance Club

with Sam, Mencia, Lorena and Maoli

This activity will be held on Tuesdays with a rolling 6-week course, starting with the Year Group that shows the most demand. The Year 13 students will teach basic techniques and then explore a range of choreography to best suit our dancers' natural abilities. Dance genres include salsa, bachata and hip-hop.

To register: please complete the google form distributed to all students.

Debate Club

with Seve

Years 9 - 13 are invited to join the debate club and learn the art of giving and refuting arguments in a calm, cool and clear manner. Sessions consist of workshops where members will be taught debating techniques by experienced student debaters, and practice debates where these skills will be put to the test.

"Say NO to being manipulated by false logic and YES to intellectual self-defense", says Seve.

To register: please complete the google form distributed to all students.

It is not too late! If you would like more information on these, or any other extra curricular activity, please enquire at the school office.

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