Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! This annual event has been running since 1970, involving more than 1 billion people in more than 190 countries. Swans School shows support every year with informative assemblies and a range of awareness activities.

This year, in honour of Swans School's 50th anniversary, we have created a list of 50 actions and tips to make a difference. Please join us in helping to preserve our planet with some small actions.

We encourage our whole Swans community to invest in our earth for future generations...

  1. Join Earth Day's Social Squad and keep us informed with all that you do!

  2. Encourage your friends and family to celebrate Earth Day by discussing how we can best help our planet!!

  3. Remember the 6 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Remove, Refuse, Rally

  4. Appreciate your environment! Play in the garden, take a walk, look at the scenery and take photos...

  5. Walk, cycle or catch the bus when it is possible, rather than going in the car.

  6. Ask questions! What can you do in your home to help your planet? And in school?

  7. Be aware of your water usage. Don't take overly long showers and turn the tap off whilst you brush your teeth.

  8. Don't print paper unnecessarily. View things onscreen instead.

  9. Use recycled paper and buy books printed on recycled paper whenever possible.

  10. Instead of buying new books every time, see if there is anything in the library that you can borrow.

  11. Reuse toilet rolls, cereal cartons and other household waste for arts and crafts.

  12. Recycle cans, glass and any other unwanted materials.

  13. Make gifts, rather than buying everything.

  14. Turn off lights when not needed.

  15. Unplug chargers when not in use.

  16. Do not leave devices on standby mode. Turn things off at the wall wherever possible.

  17. Don't be part of the "throw-away culture". Just because you don't want it, doesn't mean that somebody else might not...

  18. "Hand-me-down" clothes and toys, or donate them to charity.

  19. Join a beach clean initiative. Help to keep our seas plastic free!

  20. Organise a community cleanup in your own area.

  21. Adapt to a climate-friendly diet. Cutting down on meat produce really helps!

  22. Buy your food locally.

  23. Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

  24. Don't use pesticides

  25. Try to buy organic produce.

  26. Avoid foods that contain unsustainable palm oil.

  27. Make a compost. Food waste is greatly nourishing for plants, and it keeps it out of landfills where greenhouses gases are released.

  28. Help to save the bee species. Plant a bee garden or make a bee bath.

  29. Calculate and monitor your own carbon footprint. A variety of useful tools can be seen here

  30. Become a climate change advocate. Educate yourselves and others on the best environmental practises.

  31. Share your environmentally friendly ideas with Swans School Student Council to help make beneficial changes in your school environment.

  32. Plant a tree!

  33. If you go for a picnic, ALWAYS take everything home with you.

  34. If you see rubbish on the floor, pick it up!

  35. Calculate and monitor your plastic consumption

  36. Avoid buying single-use plastics wherever possible!

  37. Bring a reusable water bottle to school and refill at the water fountains.

  38. Don't use plastic straws.

  39. Switch to reusable shopping bags, rather than single use

  40. Embrace sustainable fashion. Support brands that design, manufacture and distribute in an environmentally friendly way.

  41. Support the regenerative agriculture movement. Buy food, clothing or other items from companies who follow this "natural" farming solution.

  42. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  43. In winter, put a jumper on, rather than turning up the heating.

  44. In summer, try using a fan before putting the air-conditioning on.

  45. Expand your environmental understanding. Take the Earth Day quiz

  46. Consider ways in which renewable energy could be used. Does your home have solar panels?

  47. Test your knowledge by taking the clean energy quiz

  48. Explore the Earth Day toolkit

  49. Join the Global Earth Challenge

  50. Contribute to the Billion Acts of Green. Submit your plan here

All of these tips have been inspired by Earth Day

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