Kindness Week

Updated: Mar 18

Anti-Bullying Week is an initiative launched by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, with the intention of stopping bullying and creating safer environments where children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.

The theme this year is #OneKindWord.

With just one kind word we can brighten the lives of those around us; we can strengthen friendships and break down barriers. Undeniably, kindness encourages kindness.

Last week we spent time carefully considering the impact that our words and actions have on others. We even created a special “50 Random Acts of Kindness” poster (in recognition of 50 Years of Swans School) and we hope that our families will continue to remember that each of these small actions makes a big difference.

Our kindness tree in Swans Secondary School is a stunning display of caring words and sentiments.

Inspired by the book “The Kindness Quilt” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, our primary school children have worked together wonderfully to create a truly beautiful “Quilt of Kindness”, with personalised designs and hearts.

Swans Reception children have been focusing on kindness by emphasising how nicely they play together. They have made and shared gift cards and spent a lot of time discussing how to be a nice friend.

Year 4 worked together to write a poem that defined what kindness means to them.

At break times our primary school children have been singing and dancing along to Harry Styles’ hit song “Treat People with Kindness”. It’s a great anthem for life, and we encourage our families to continue playing and singing along to it.

Today our students celebrated individuality. In Swans Secondary School, we all wore odd socks. And in Swans Primary School, the children enjoyed a non-uniform day, whilst also contributing €2 to the charity CUDECA. In total, we raised over €600.

In summary, it has been a really lovely, positive week at Swans School.

Having said that, kindness and mutual respect are always top priorities at Swans School. We firmly believe that it is “cool to be kind” and we take any opportunity to remind our students of this.

For the past two years, our Kindness Crew has been growing in force. Whenever a primary school child is recognised as being especially kind by either their teacher or their peers, they are awarded a wristband. We are very pleased to say that the legion is strong!

Please do help us to reinforce these basic values. Some great games, tips and conversation starters can be found within the Anti-Bullying Alliance Parent Toolkit. Click here.

Please also take a moment to watch this video from The Anti-Bullying Alliance with your family.

“If you share just one thing today, make it a smile.”


If you are ever concerned that your child is experiencing any form of bullying or unkindness, please speak with the pastoral care team immediately. Equally, students are also encouraged to discuss any concerns with their class teacher or form tutor. Contact details are listed below.



We encourage all parents to sign-up to National Online Safety. This website provides free of charge resources to ensure that you receive accurate up-to-date information on all aspects of internet usage.


Details of our Care Team are listed below:

  • Educational Psychologist and Primary Wellbeing Support: Marta Bauluz

  • Primary School General: please feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have with your class teacher

  • Primary School Head of Pastoral Care and SENDco: Miss Anne White

  • Secondary School SENDco: Mr David Fletcher

  • Secondary School Head of Pastoral Care: Mrs Debra Hodder

  • Year 6: Miss Lindsay

  • Year 7: Miss Marisa Parsons

  • Year 8: Miss Natalie Denton

  • Year 9: Miss Joanna Hudson

  • Year 10: Miss Amelie Rault

  • Year 11: Miss Sandra Velazquez

  • Years 12 and 13: Miss Michelle Roberts

Please feel free to reach out to any of the above contacts, or to send an email via the office,

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