Alternative educational initiatives

This term, we have been trying to educate our students in other ways. We were very fortunate to have been given a really interesting talk by the renowned Nutritionist, Paloma Gil, a Swans parent, who advised our students about maintaining a balanced diet, for both mind and body to function properly.

The challenges we face over the use of Social Media were also explored in our Internet Safety Evening, where parents of Primary and Secondary students were invited to partake in a quiz that tested their knowledge of modern technology and what our children consume digitally. It was an eye-opening experience for many and we hope it will inspire us to work more in partnership with our parents to help control this amazing but sometimes scary tool.

As part of our ‘Highly Able Project’ the ICT department hosted a ‘Coding Day’, by which some of our exceptional students in the Sixth Form and Year 10 were challenged with teaching different groups of Year 9 students how to code. They showed fantastic leadership and teaching skills, inspiring some future programmers in the increasingly popular Computer Science.

Inspiration also came during our annual Careers Day, when Year 9 students were treated to a talk by the ex-international football referee, Urs Meier, to share his experiences of resilience at work. Thanks must go to all of the professionals that attended and shared their invaluable expertise.

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