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The Swans School debate team has been competing now for over seven years, under the guidance of Mr Robert King, with a flow of students who acquire key public-speaking skills in parallel with their academic abilities.

The practice of competitive debating – analysing and articulating a point of view that may be quite different from personal or inherited beliefs – prepares our students for success in life beyond school. Next year, top debater Mencia will attend IE/ICADE to study law, whilst teammate Seve will attend Durham University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Their experiences as part of the Swans School debate team will stand them in good stead at university, having given them a confidence, ability and enterprising mindset that is difficult to achieve elsewhere at such a young age. Of course, it is this commitment and competence that also clearly identified Mencia and Seve as our Head Girl and Head Boy this year.

Mencia and Seve were joined by Don Rico in Year 12 at the CICAE tournament in Madrid last month. This prestigious Champions League selects private and independent schools from across the country to compete on a national platform. Swans qualified for the competition following an impressive win at the online CICAE league in November.

Mencia, Seve and Don Rico only narrowly lost out on winning the entire CICAE tournament, coming 2nd out of 52 schools. Mr King says, “Our students were incredibly well prepared for their debates. They were knowledgeable about their subjects and savvy in terms of the nature of the competition and how to build a strong case. In all honesty, they were streets ahead of the other competitors all the way through.”

During the Easter holidays, Mr King was once again busy when the European Youth Parliament held their annual regional conference at Swans Sierra Blanca.

The European Youth Parliament is one of the largest organisations for non-formal political education in Europe. EYP was formed with the intention of piquing young people’s interest in politics and giving them an insight into the principles of the European Union. Through a collaborative platform, they debate similar issues to those currently being discussed by the European Parliament on a national and international level.

Samuel in Year 13 was selected to join the EYP management committee, following his impressive performance at the national competition last October. Sam will be taking part in the international conference this July.

Swans Alumna, Maria Moro Bermudo, who now studies Human, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge, also took part in the International Congress back in 2019.

As Swans School has secured a reputation as one of the event’s top-performing debate teams, when Marbella was decided on as the location for the next event, Swans was the obvious choice as the venue. A total of 53 students from eleven schools attended the event. Once again, three of our students - Liz, Will and Polina - performed incredibly well and have been selected to take part in the National Congress which will be taking place in the city of Huesca in July.

The Swans School debate team continues to evolve and we welcome new members all the time. All students from Year 8 through to Year 13 are invited to the club on Wednesdays after school. We pride ourselves on providing a safe debating environment where students can express themselves with support from their peers. Students only need to bring along an opinion and be prepared to research and analyse a perspective. We work with the debate team to build persuasive arguments, gain empathy for other points of view and be open-minded.

Mr King says, “We live in complicated times and therefore our students need to engage with current affairs, and to have an understanding of what is going on in the world around them. Our young adults should be able to form independent opinions that are free from media bias, or other external influences.”

For more information on the Debate Club or any other extracurricular activity, please contact the school office.

Swans Primary School: +34 952773248 primary@swansschool.net

Swans Secondary School: +34 952 902 755 admin@swansschool.net


All of events are shared on our social media channels.

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