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Academic Approach

academic approach

We want every child to achieve their full potential.

At Swans, we provide an excellent learning environment. Our results are testament to this, with consistently high grades at both GCSE and IB level that rival some of the best students worldwide. But we also pride ourselves on the pastoral care that we offer.

An inherent feature of our school is the social and emotional support that we provide to all of our students, which gives the sense of a family environment for both students and teachers.

Our belief is that such support inspires young people to be the best that they can be, regardless of their age or ability, and it is this structure which ensures that, when a student leaves Swans, they are fully prepared for life beyond education.

Even though our school has greatly expanded since our early days, our values remain the same, with hard work at the core of our ethos.

Building Language Skills

We strongly believe that if our students are to succeed across a range of subjects, they must develop strong reading skills and a wide vocabulary. Watch the video below for more details...

Frequently Asked Questions

An Enriching Educational Environment

We encourage our students to take part in a range of after school activities so that they may be able to express themselves and burn off frustrations, team-build and gain confidence and self-esteem. 

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Swans has literally been a second home for me. I started in Early Years when I was only 2 years old and I left when I was 17.Read more


Yet again all Swans School International Baccalaureate students passed their Diploma in 2022.

And again, one of our students achieved a full marks score of 45 points (a feat achieved by only 1.7% of students in the world!).

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