Many Swans pupils join us at age 3 and continue their education through to IB in the Sixth Form.
Early Years & Foundation stage   Key Stage 1   Key Stage 2
Early Years & Foundation stage
At Swans, most children commence their educational journey at aged three. In Early Years we embrace their social and emotional needs, making the transition from home or nursery as smooth as possible.
As many children will be learning English and Spanish as additional languages, the majority of teaching takes place through exciting topics and experiences. The children develop their language and communication skills at their own pace, becoming more confident speakers; developing strong friendships along the way.
Come and play with us in Early Years! You’ll be amazed at how much learning takes place.
In Swans, as children move up from Early Years into Reception, the emphasis is still very much on learning through play. The main aim of every day is to enjoy school life, relishing a safe and welcoming learning environment, in colourful classrooms with the latest Smart whiteboards and diverse equipment. Much of the teaching takes place through exciting play and games. The children develop language and communication skills at their own pace, becoming more confident to speak in front of others and understanding good social conduct. We also understand that lunchtimes are an important part of the daily routine for the children, so we encourage them to enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious foods, whilst feeding themselves and socially interacting.
Key Stage 1
As our primary school children grow older, we introduce a house-point reward system which recognises good work and behaviour. Written homework and spelling tests also commence in Year 1. Twice a year, pupils are given assessment tests and the results are discussed with the parents to ensure that the child is receiving all that s/he needs.
We encourage all our children to have a growing sense of independence and responsibility as they progress through the primary school. We also aim to make all schoolwork interesting and fun, and appropriate for their age. It is also at this age that the children begin swimming lessons in the purpose-built ozone pool and have IT lessons in the computer suite.
Developing reading skills is an integral part of learning in Year One. The children are given many opportunities to read through; shared, group reading and individual reading sessions. Each day the children take home reading books and parents are encouraged to play a key part practising their reading skills.
The timetable in Year One is divided between sessions of Maths, English, Topic, Music, P.E, I.C.T and Spanish. The children are taught Spanish four times per week. Our topics are Ourselves and Other Animals, Toys, Circus, Buildings and Flowers and Insects. Homework increases slightly in Year 2 with reading, spelling, Maths and Spanish through the course of the week. Our topics in Year 2 include Health and Growth, Materials, Plants, Habitats and Holidays. Cross-curricular links are used to develop broad knowledge and understanding and to practise a wide range of skills. There are currently two excursions through the year, one each from the Spanish and English curricula.
Key Stage 2
This is a very exciting time for the children with varied study topics including rainforests, explorers and adventurers such as Captain Scott, Christopher Columbus, Amy Johnson and Steve Backshall.
They enjoy using technology in ICT lessons and across the curriculum; using their iPads to enhance learning skills. In Year 4 the children also begin their weekly swimming lessons in Year 4 at our purpose built, indoor, ozone swimming pool.
During Year 5, we start to prepare the children for the transition into the secondary school by encouraging independence and self-motivated learning. We also give them the opportunity to become a prefect, supporting their peers and the staff and assisting the younger children.
Year 6 children are based in the secondary school, giving them direct access to the excellent learning facilities there, and acclimating them by degrees to this new stage in their lives.
Year 4 also introduces the first residential visit with a a night away at Fuerte de Nagueles. They enjoy activities including, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, T shirt printing and rock climbing.

We also have a fantastic outdoor play area and many sporting activities. And there is at least one excursion during the year, relating to the topics that we’ve studied. Children in Year 4, Year 5  and 6 also take part in a residential trip during the summer term.