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Theatre and Arts

Theatre Studies and the Visual Arts at Swans School

Creative expression through drama, music and art.

In Swans School there is always something fun going on. Whether a student prefers to play an instrument, paint a picture or jump on the stage, we encourage them all to balance the academic disciplines with the creative.

These aesthetic presentation and communication skills are invaluable in later life. Drama also gives students the opportunity to expand their comprehension of the English language, and to perfect their pronunciation.

The highlight of our academic year is the school show. We take a stage show production and perform it in a professional theatre in the middle of Marbella. These spectacular stories are brought to life with an incredible display of acting, singing, dancing and music – not to mention the wonderful staging that is created by the art department.

Another enjoyable fixture of our academic year is Battle of the Bands. Students in Years 8 and 9 are given the opportunity to showcase the musical skills that they have acquired in their lessons with Mr Tim in a competitive arena with parents invited to watch and sing or clap along. 


Life at Swans is about more than simply the academic curriculum. We believe that all of our students should be  positive, proactive and proud in everything that they do. Effort and creativity is the key to success, and within the correct learning environment anything can be achieved.

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Sports and drama at Swans School

Igniting passion

Extra-curricular activities provide a fantastic way for children to develop physically and emotionally.  We look to enhance and enrich the skills learned during the standard school timetable, and give extra attention to those with specific interests or talents.

Our sports teams also provide further opportunity to build new relationships and camaraderie.

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