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Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award at Swans School

Empowering young people to learn new skills.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has been running at Swans School since 2013. The intention is for students to contribute to their community, push their personal limitations and gain confidence. All Year 10 students are encouraged to undertake the Bronze Award, followed by the Gold Award in Year 12. 

In 2022, we welcomed our biggest ever Year 10 group with over 50 students enjoying the adventure. And in spite of some really rather challenging weather conditions, both they and the Year 12 group proved themselves to be incredibly active, positive and resilient.

Students who struggle with learning within the confines of a classroom often excel in this environment. Therefore, this experience is sometimes transformative, giving them a confidence that enhances all areas of their learning, their life in general, and their future.
There are four key components to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Students must support their local community, become fitter, develop new skills and complete an expedition. 

Through the process, students become more familiar with the truly beautiful natural surroundings of Andalucia. We hike and camp in the countryside – for some of our newer students, this may be their first experience of southern Spain, away from the coastline. Teamwork is essential to success, as is an ability to adapt, and a positive attitude. 

All students will be introduced to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Year 10. If you would like more information about it before that point, please enquire at the school office.

More information about the Award can be found on their website:


We operate a very open door policy meaning that parents are welcome to visit us at any time to discuss their child's academic and social/emotional requirements. Please feel free to contact us today to make an appointment.

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The Swans School Debate Club

Developing confidence

The Swans School community encourages more than just academic achievement. This includes a whole range of extracurricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh's award. But also, competitive debating. Analysing and articulating points of view helps to prepare our students for success in life beyond school. 

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