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Charity Work

Swans Student Council organise much of the charity work initiatives

Welcoming opportunities to be kind, compassionate and supportive.

Our Student Council are very involved with our charity work initiatives, often suggesting and driving the projects that run throughout the academic year.

Even before a student is asked to contribute towards a fundraising initiative, we help them to develop a true understanding of the value of the work that is being done by these associations. We believe that it is important to secure a real-world perspective of those in  need.

Our fundraising initiatives are hugely varied but include cake sales, non-uniform days, clothing, footwear and bottle collections, and voluntary work in the local area and abroad.

Currently we work with the following charities:

RifCom.  Adana.  PAD.  Triple A.  CUDECA.  Caritas San Pedro de Alcántara

Social and emotional support

An inherent feature of our school is the personal attention that we provide to each and every student. we aim to help every one of our children to become the very best versions of themselves.

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