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Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage Learning through Play

At Swans, most children commence their educational journey at age three. 

In Early Years we embrace our children’s social and emotional needs, making the transition from home or nursery as smooth as possible.

The majority of teaching takes place through play, with exciting topics and experiences, which is particularly helpful for those children learning English or Spanish as an additional language. The children develop their language and communication skills at their own pace, becoming more confident speakers and forming strong friendships along the way.

At Swans, as children move up from Early Years into Reception, the emphasis is still very much on learning through play. The main aim of every day is to enjoy school life, relishing a safe and welcoming learning environment, in colourful classrooms with the latest Smart whiteboards and a range of equipment. Whilst further developing language and communication skills they become more confident to speak in front of others, as well as learn good manners and good social conduct. 

We also understand that lunchtimes are an important part of the daily routine for the children, so we encourage them to enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious foods, learning good table manners and interacting socially. 

Learning through play

Swans is a caring school where the children are warmly encouraged to explore engage with all the learning opportunities the school has to offer. 

Exploring with Foundation Stage

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Extracurricular at Swans School

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Because our students are positive, proactive and proud. We believe that effort is the key to success, and within the correct learning environment anything can be achieved.

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