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Mathematics: This department goes from strength to strength, with students in 2018 achieving 100% pass rate at IGCSE.
Science: Enabling students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to think rationally and creatively and to be scientifically aware in the world around them. Separate sciences are taught up to GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with the addition of Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) at IB Level.
English: We encourage a love of reading. Our classes combine pair and group work with drama activities and traditional elements such as grammar tests and dictation. The department also includes elements from the courses for Cambridge First and Advanced Certificate in English within teaching time, so that students are prepared to take this exam, should they wish. 
Spanish: Swans offers the advantage of completing the Spanish curriculum alongside the English one. This gives students the option to continue their studies in either a Spanish or international university.
ICT: A progressive curriculum that starts in KS3 with the basic introduction of computers and continues through to develop lifelong skills, useful for future employment. The IB Diploma programme studies the impact of IT on individuals and society through ITGS but we also offer Computer Science for those who are keen on a career in programming.
Art: We follow the IGCSE course in art and design which encourages the expression of individual perspective. Students are also able to continue their art studies in the Sixth orm with IB Visual Arts, with the added exploration of historical, cultural and social influences.
Drama:  All Year 7 students take LAMDA exams in the summer term and many children choose to continue these studies to Key Stage 4. This department repeatedly achieves 100% pass-rate, and students find the discipline vibrant and enjoyable, gaining self-confidence and presentation skills that last a lifetime.  Drama productions are one of the highlights of the school calendar.
Music: All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have weekly music classes. We aim to introduce students to a broad range of musical styles and those choosing to continue music in Key Stage 4 will study composition, performance and in-depth listening.  There is a school band, ‘Steel Band’ and a choir, with both instrumental and vocal lessons offered on an extracurricular basis. All students are encouraged to form student bands through music lessons and a number of min-concerts are performed throughout the year.
Business, Economics, Psychology: These humanities courses cover a range of different topics that investigate the business world, economic theories or the complexities of human psychology. They are extremely popular options at Swans and many students choose to pursue them at university.
History: A popular and vibrant subject at Swans with a clear history of 100% pass-rate. The course runs chronologically through the ages, beginning with the Medieval Period in Year 7 and ending with the 20th Century at IGCSE and IB. We aim to give a truly international perspective of history and encourage open-mindedness, debate and awareness of current affairs.
Geography:  In an ever-changing world facing significant challenges, an understanding of our planet, its environment and its people is going to be essential to the leaders of tomorrow.  Students are encouraged to investigate our world, to question and to debate. This flexible humanity can be taken to IGCSE and IB.
Other Modern Languages:  At Swans we value highly the learning of languages, to enrich life experience and broaden the horizons, but also to equip our students with essential tools in an increasingly globalised society.  To this end, French, German and Chinese are all offered as extra activities from the primary school upwards, and may also be taken at IGCSE and IB level if desired.
Physical education: From Year 6, students have two timetabled PE lessons per week. The aim is to encourage participation and to learn a range of skills and techniques whilst improving fitness. There is also a wide choice of extracurricular sporting options and our students attend regular fixtures in the local area, as well as attending international events such as the Mediterranean Cup in Verona, Italy. Please click here to see an example of the extracurricular timetable.