Year 5

Swans International School Marbella

Year 5 is an important year for Swans children as they are expected to work more independently in preparation for the transition to the Secondary School. Consequently, much of the teaching in Year 5 revolves around the ethos of cooperative learning through which pupils have greater freedom of expression and control over their own learning – the aim being to develop independent and motivated learners. Each term the pupils work on a Home Learning Project based on a topic: The Time Tunnel; Investigating Rivers; The Holiday Show. Rather than being set a weekly homework, the pupils have the term to generate their own project. Hence the pupils not only have control over the content but also learn many valuable skills such as time management and presentation skills. At the end of a topic the pupils get a chance to share and celebrate their successes as well as having time to reflect on their learning as well as generating next step targets.

Swans Primary School Marbella Year 5

Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to become a prefect. The prefect system helps children to become more responsible and respect their peers, as they support staff and pupils throughout the school. Some of the jobs include playing with the younger children, helping keep the library tidy, counting housepoints …. Children also enjoy many educational trips which tie in with our topic-based curriculum; these include a visit to Roman Ruins, to an Art Museum, to the Paseo Maritimo and Old Town of Marbella as well as a residential trip to Tarifa. Additionally, Year 5 are invited on the Whole School Ski trip (Years 5 – 12) to the Sierra Nevada where, being the youngest on the trip, they learn many new valuable life skills.

Swans Primary School Marbella Year 5


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