Year 4

Swans International School Marbella

Year 4 is a very exciting time for the children. We study many interesting topics, such as Volcanoes, Dinosaurs and Chocolate. As Tom, one of our students says, “I really enjoy all of the topics in Year 4 and find the learning to be lots of fun!”. The children also begin their weekly swimming lessons in Year 4 at our purpose built, indoor, ozone swimming pool.They also enjoy their ICT lessons in the state of the art ICT suites available at our Secondary school.

Swans Primary School Marbella

We really enjoy experimenting in Science
Swans Primary School Marbella Year 4

Dinosaurs made from totally natural products!

In Year 4, the children get their first opportunity to go on a residential visit. During the summer term, the students spend a night away at the farm school in Entrerrios. They enjoy activities including bread making, river walking, swimming, planting, rock climbing and archery. Other highlights in Year 4 include an afternoon on the beach making sand sculptures and a visit to the Crocodile Park in Torremolinos.


Swans Primary School Marbella
We made our own chocolate bars and designed the packaging!




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