Year 2

Swans Primary School Marbella

Year Two marks the final year of Key Stage One and consists of two parallel classes with at least one teaching assistant dedicated to the year group. At this stage, children begin to have homework on a daily basis and are encouraged to develop independence and responsibility through completion of this.

Children undertake assessment tests in January and May, the results of which are discussed with parents either verbally or through a written report. Weekly tests in spelling and mental maths are given and the results shared with parents through the assessment books which are sent home for the weekend and signed by parents. We encourage parents to check these and practise areas of difficulty at home to consolidate children’s knowledge and skills.

Children study a variety of topics during the year which include ‘Dressing Up’ through which we explore different types of clothing and materials; ‘It’s Shocking’, an introduction to electricity and circuits and ‘How Are You’ in which we explore how to stay healthy and learn about how we and other animals change from babies to adulthood. There is at least one excursion during the year, related to one of our topics.

Continuing from Year One, children receive housepoints for good work and positive behaviour and stickers are given for weekly totals of 15, 20 and 25 housepoints. An end of term prize is awarded to children in each class for the highest number of stickers.


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