Year 1

Swans Primary School Marbella

Year One is an important year for our children as they progress from Foundation Stage into Key Stage One. Amongst other things, it sees the introduction of the house-point reward system, written homework and spelling tests.

Swans Primary School Marbella Year 1 story telling week

The timetable is divided between sessions of Numeracy, Literacy, I.P.C., Music, P.E. and Spanish with the latter being taught four times per week. Our I.P.C. topics are Ourselves, Toys, Circus, Buildings and Flowers and Insects.

Swans Primary School Marbella Year 1

Children are given reading books to take home three times a week and parents are encouraged to play a key part in reading and I.P.C research.

Los niños se divierten en Year 1



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