The International Baccalaureate and Spanish Universities

In July 2014, the Government of Spain signed an agreement with the IB for the development of joint educational initiatives.

The agreement comprehends different aspects and entails that graduates of DP and Vocational Guidance Program (POP in Spanish) can access the Spanish university system.

At present, the PAI has equivalence with the curriculum of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) of the Spanish educational system.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is valid for all Spanish universities, both public and private.

The UNED is the agency that confers official recognition to this diploma, and converts IB marks into Spanish decimal system. So with an official document called CREDENTIAL each IB student can access Spanish universities. Swans International Sierra Blanca has signed a collaboration agreement with the Open University and ensures that each of our students can obtain this CREDENTIAL. IB Marks (from 0 to 45) are converted into the Spanish system (0 to 10) using a conversion table and so each student gets his credentials in early July.

It should be pointed out that a student who completes his IB Diploma Program does not need to sit A-level general phase exams (“fase general de la Selectividad”).

Our School also offers support and special lessons for students who wish to take the specific phase of A-levels. This exam is intended for those students who want or need marks higher than a 10 because their university degree requires very high cut-off marks. Swans International Sierra Blanca offers preparation for this specific phase by personalised lessons.

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