Former pupils recount experiences of the school…

Adolfo Reque - Swans International School TestimonialsAdolfo Reque, Class of 1982: “My memories of Swans in the 70s always bring a smile to my face…”

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DaryaLamia- Swans International School TestimonialsDarya Fayed, Lamia Rabhi, Class of 2011: “Swans is more than just a school for me, it was my second home and it will always have a very special place in my heart…” Read more


Guillermo- Swans International School Testimonials

Guillermo Fernández, Class of 2011: “I have had countless experiences throughout my life and Swans School is present in most of them…” Read more


Gustavo - Swans International School TestimonialsGustavo Reque, Class of 1982: “To remember my childhood as a pupil in Swans is to remember a very happy time in my life…”   Read more


Karima - Swans International School TestimonialsKarima Abdel Kader, Class of 2006: “I’ll always remember being told that ‘I was a citizen of the world’ and have the school‘s multicultural education to thank for that…” Read more


Lorenzo - Swans International School TestimonialsLorenzo Sánchez, Class of 1979: “Despite time and change, I am delighted to see not only my school is where I left it, but also that its spirit, its values and its unique education will pass on to my own children …” Read more


MariayPaloma - Swans International School TestimonialsMaría del Mar y Paloma Salgado, Class of 1979: “Throughout all those memories, there is an overriding sense of growing up happy, of a bond with the people around you…” Read more


Maria - Swans International School TestimonialsMaria Larisch, Class of 1982: “Our time at Swans really did make its mark on the people we are; we lived in the outdoors, in the countryside with people who really became part of our family…” Read more


Mauricio - Swans International School TestimonialsMauricio Sainz, Class of 1984: “I lived happy moments at Swans that have left indelible memories. My childhood there filled me with happiness and peace, whilst instilling fundamental principles…” Read more


Oliver - Swans International School TestimonialsOliver Church, Class of 1988: “One of the most important choices a parent has to make is where to educate your child. For me this decision was very easy due to my own experience I had as a child at Swans School…” Read more


Rags - Swans International School TestimonialsRags Martel, Class of 1987: “Happily, as I walked along the corridors of the modern Swans, I noticed the essence of my old school was still there: polite and well-mannered students enlightening and brightening their minds….” Read more


Roberto - Swans International School TestimonialsRoberto Fernandez, Class of 2007: “I must thank all the teachers at Swans who helped me reach where I am now: studying Engineering in one of the best Universities for my speciality…” Read more


Sebastian - Swans International School TestimonialsSebastián Sánchez, Class of 1979: “Swans also has a way of educating children that makes them go to school with a smile on their face from ear to ear; this gives a parent great satisfaction…”  Read more