Swans Secondary School Admissions

Swans International School Marbella Inscription Form

At Swans we value our international and multi-cultural ethos and welcome applications for entry from all students, irrespective of gender, nationality, faith, language or beliefs. However, to ensure that all students get the most out of their time at the school, new entrants are required to demonstrate a suitable level of proficiency in a number of curriculum areas.
All teaching (with the exception of foreign languages) is conducted in English and applicants must be able to demonstrate their fluency with the English language.

Formal assessment will be arranged between the student and members of the Student Support Services staff to evaluate the needs of the student. The assessments will be age-specific, dependent upon the proposed Year Group of entry. If the student is accepted, an initial placement is decided with the understanding that this placement may change depending on the student’s performance in class, informal testing results, etc.

Where a prospective students’ English is below the level we would expect for them fully access the curriculum we will request that the student participates in out intensive EAL (English as an Additional Language) programme. New families are encouraged to contact the Student Support Services Department early in the application process with any information that indicates if a student would benefit from additional English language or other support services.

Before admission, a member of the schools’ Senior Management Team and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) examine a new student’s application, previous school records, and/or testing results. If the student received support in the past or may benefit from additional support while attending Swans, we will firstly determine if the school has the resources to fully support the student based on the information provided.

The majority of students enter the secondary school in Year 7, with most progressing from Swans Primary School (based upon their academic and behavioural record, and a recommendation from the Head of Primary). However, new students may be accepted into most year groups, subject to availability of places and satisfaction of the entry criteria summarised below. We will though not normally accept new students into Year 11, mid-way through the two-year IGCSE programme.

Entry to Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

Entry for new students into Key Stage 3 and 4 is subject to the following:

1. Satisfactory assessments in English, Mathematics and, if previously studied, Spanish;

2. Satisfactory references and report(s) rom the previous school;

3. A meeting/interview with the Head or member of the School’s Senior Management Team.

Sixth Form Entry

All students wishing to enter the Sixth Form to follow the IB Diploma Programme must achieve the minimum entry threshold of six passes (Grade C or above) at IGCSE (or equivalent). However, certain IB subjects may require A or B grades at IGCSE; it should therefore be noted that achieving six Grade Cs at GCSE does not guarantee entry to the Sixth Form.

Entry is also subject to interview with the Head (or member of the School’s Senior Management Team) and, for new entrants, satisfactory references and report(s) from the previous school.

Admissions Procedure for New Students

If you wish to enter your child at Swans, please follow the steps set out below:

1. Firstly, you should contact the school’s registrar, Elena Calvert, to register your interest and request additional information about the school. Elena will be pleased to organise a tour of the school and give you the chance to ask any question you wish.

2. Should you decide to enroll your child, the next stage is to complete and submit an inscription form together with a copy of your child’s birth certificate and/or passport and a copy of their school reports for the preceding year. The school reports should be in English language (or a certified translation) and include teacher comments as well as attainment levels.

3. If places are available, an appointment will be made for you and your child to meet with the Head Teacher and/or other member of the school’s Senior Management Team. During this visit your child will be assessed in English, Mathematics and, if applicable, Spanish.

4. Assuming all of the entry criteria are satisfied, your child will be formally offered a place at the school. At this stage, you will be required to pay a non-refundable inscription fee of  €2,975 together with a returnable deposit of €1,000 in order to secure the place that has been offered.

5. Once the inscription fee and deposit have been paid, you will be required to sign our standard Letters of Acceptance and Support. Please note that a place at the school is not guaranteed until the inscription fee and deposit have been paid and the Letters of Acceptance and Support are signed.

It should also be noted that the deposit is returnable provided that a full term’s notice of your intention to withdraw your child is given (except for students finishing their studies at the School at the end of Years 11 or 13, when the refund will be made upon completion of studies). Students who are permanently excluded from school because of behavioural reasons will not be eligible for a return of the deposit.