Special Educational Needs

Swans Primary School aims to support the learning of all students. We are working to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for all, offering students the chance to shine and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. The school seeks to raise the achievement, remove barriers to learning and increase curricular access to all. All children with SEN are valued and respected as equal members of the school.

  •  Provision for pupils with SEN is a matter for the school as a whole. All teachers are teachers of pupils with SEN
  •  We seek to enable all children to have reasonable access to the curriculum and maximise their achievements
  •  We aim to ensure that the needs of pupils with SEN are identified, assessed, provided for and regularly reviewed
  •  We will work in partnership with parents to enable them to make an active contribution to the education of their child
  •  We will take the views and wishes of the child into account

Swans International Primary School Support For Learning

Anne White – Senco

Swans International Primary School support for Learning

Kim Hugill – Learning Support Teacher

Swans International Primary School Support for Learning

Marta Bauluz – Educational Psychologist/SLT

English as an Additional Language

At Swans, we are very proud to offer additional classes where our students who are learning to speak English can thrive comfortably and gain confidence within a small, structured learning environment. In EAL the students are able to practise the four essential skills needed to acquire a language; Speaking, listening, reading and writing. Initially we focus on speaking and listening through games and fun activities. We also discuss school rules, routines and events so that the students fully understand what is happening in school on a weekly basis. The overall objective of EAL is to prepare the students so that they are able to fully access the main school curriculum.

Paul French

Paul French
EAL Teacher



Gifted and Talented

The school and teachers provide a challenging and enriched curriculum to enable the gifts and talents of students to emerge, be recognised and developed. We have high expectations of students. Students will, in turn, support teachers by being active participants in lessons. Students must take responsibility for their own learning and take the initiative, where possible. The emphasis will be on increasing the ‘depth and breadth’ of the curriculum rather than an accelerated curriculum.