Science Department

Science explains phenomena in our daily lives; therefore, every member of society needs a clear understanding of scientific principles. Science is an ongoing process of observing, hypothesizing, experimentation and evaluation. The provision of many learning opportunities will enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to think rationally and creatively and to be scientifically aware in the world about them.


Swans International School Science
Swans International School Science


The approach to Science at Swans is to harness the students´ natural curiosity and enthusiasm. We involve students of all abilities by using a variety of activities in each lesson; practical investigation, models, discussion, computer simulations, data-logging and research. Students are encouraged to enjoy the subject while working hard, and at a pace which sustains interest. Regular homework and topic tests reinforce the learning and allow us to monitor progress.


The department currently has four laboratories and three preparation rooms, and a small laboratory which is used for some sixth form Science teaching. We have seven very experienced Science teachers and a full time technician. Students in Key Stage 3 are taught to the National Curriculum via the Exploring Science scheme. In Key Stage 4, students choose two or three of the separate Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the Cambridge IGCSE. For the IB Diploma the science department offers Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Systems and Societies.


Swans International School Science  Swans International School Science