Roll Of Honour

Gifted and talented students at Swans Secondary School are recognised and rewarded. They can earn their place on the Roll of Honour Board situated at the entrance to school. Out of a total of 280 students (including Year 6) more than 25% have achieved Roll of Honour status.

The concept was introduced in September 2009 and initially we had 30 students who achieved grade A in 3 or more subjects which was the minimum requirement. Not only has the standard been raised to a minimum of six attainment grade A’s, we also include students who gain six or more grade 1’s for effort.
In International Baccalaureate Diploma a student gaining 36 or more points can qualify for the Roll of Honour and we are delighted to have several students in this excellent category.

Our Roll of Honour represents all 24 nationalities in Swans and it is wonderful to see students producing such high quality work. Students who qualify celebrate during a special assembly where certificates are awarded in front of their parents and friends.

Of course, not everyone can make the Roll of Honour and we ensure that all levels of effort and achievement are rewarded through school certificates, prizes, displays and our merit system where students can earn points for their House and of course themselves.