Swans International School Marbella

In Reception, we begin the year by jumping on an exciting learning train, which leads the way to a fun-filled, educational journey! The train follows a steady yet exhilarating pace, tailor-made for each pupil’s needs, stopping at every station and covering many areas of learning. By the end of the experience, Reception children will have achieved many important objectives, reached personal goals and have adapted socially into more independent individuals. Whilst each child receives focused direction, our friendly teachers and teaching assistants cater for the individual needs of each child, taking into consideration language barriers and other factors.

The main aim of every day is to enjoy school life, relishing a safe and welcoming learning environment, in colourful classrooms with the latest Smart whiteboards and diverse equipment. The English language is taught through a variety of reading and phonics exercises, including cheerful songs and letter formation. Number games and songs also form a great part of Maths learning, with practical, hands-on activities, often incorporated into art and other topic-based tasks.

This enjoyment extends beyond the classroom… we are also lucky to house fantastic outdoor resources, including a giant sand-pit and a real-life hungry caterpillar! In fact, many lessons and discussions take place outside, along with wonderful sporting activities; not to mention fabulous excursions and local walks.

Come and share this amazing journey with us!




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