Our Mission Statement

Swans aims to provide a rich environment for the development of well-educated, confident and caring young people who are committed to making a significant contribution to the world in which they live, helping them to develop into considerate, principled and active members of society.

The School seeks to foster a spirit of enthusiasm for learning and thereby encourage all students to become effective, life-long learners.

To achieve these aims, the School strives to:

  • provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and a stimulating and supportive learning environment which will challenge, motivate and excite all students;
  • equip students with the necessary intellectual, practical and social skills to allow them to make a valuable contribution to society and fulfill their potential in life;
  • encourage students to develop open and enquiring minds and the ability to question and to argue thoughtfully and rationally;
  • help students to appreciate and celebrate international and cultural diversity, having respect for the different values and moral and religious beliefs of others;
  • promote the qualities of excellence, perseverance, self discipline and thoughtfulness among the whole school community; and
  • nurture and develop the intellectual and creative talents of every student.