Music Department

Brendan Linnane Head of Music

Key Stage 3

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have class music lessons weekly. The aim is to introduce students to a broad range of musical styles and genres throughout the three years by composing, performing and listening to music. Not all students will go on to be composers or performers, but ALL will be listeners and great emphasis is placed on listening to music and talking/writing about it. Classical, Popular and World Music styles are all covered (chronologically where possible) to give students an insight into how music developed. In particular, Year 9 students enjoy composing Electronic Dance tracks using the Apple iMac computers!

Swans International School Music Department

Key Stage 4

Some students opt to study GCSE Music in Years 10 & 11 where they will study composing, performing and listening in more depth than in the previous Key Stage. At Swans, an after-school extra-curricular GCSE Music group has been offered for the last 8 years. This enables those students who wish to study several ‘arts’ subjects the chance to do so.

Sixth Form

Music is occasionally taken as one of the ‘Group 6’ options at IB level. To be successful, students need to either have already taken Music at GCSE level, gaining a ‘C’ grade or above, OR be particularly proficient on a chosen instrument and be able to read musical notation fairly well.

The breadth of topic at IB level is basically any styles/genres between c.1300 – Present day!

Formal and informal concerts are given in and out of school by school groups and individuals and there is now a successful link between Upper and Primary school whereby pupils can continue with trumpet and trombone lessons at the changeover of schools. Earlier this year the Music, Art and Drama departments collaborated in a production of ‘Alice In Wonderland’. We can’t wait for next year’s! To be announced shortly!

Swans International School Music Department