Early Years

Swans Primary School Marbella

At Swans, most children commence their educational journey at aged three. They begin as extremely dependent cygnets, still greatly needing love and attention. As they tip their toes into the Swans pool, they soon shed their fluffy, grey feathers, and flourish into proud, elegant Swans!

An academic year in Early Years embraces the social and emotional needs of these young children, making the transition from home or nursery as smooth as possible. With the support of parents and carers at home, they become slightly more independent and soon adapt to the routine. They become responsible for their own personal hygiene; and toilet accidents become an issue of the past, (or at least less frequent!) Lunchtimes are also an important milestone for the children, when they learn to eat and enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritional foods, whilst feeding themselves and socially interacting.

As many children will be learning English and Spanish as additional languages, the majority of teaching takes place through exciting play and games. The children develop their language and communication skills at their own pace, becoming more confident to speak in front of others and understanding good social conduct.

Come and play with us in Early Years! You’ll be amazed at how much learning takes place… and the fun will continue next year in Reception. In fact, our entire department share and enjoy countless, fabulous indoor and outdoor recreational resources.



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