Chinese Language

Chinese at Swans International School Marbella

The number of people using the Chinese language is far greater than other languages in the world. As China looks set to become an economic powerhouse, the Chinese language will now help you ride the dragon. Especially after China’s entry in to the WTO, Chinese economy will be more closely linked to the world economy. China will invest more and more in Western countries. China will be in the spotlight of the world in the 21st century!

So for sure, speaking one more foreign language, will give you an even brighter future in your working life. The purpose of our Chinese lessons is helping our students to learn Chinese and promote exchanges between East and West.

In the 1st year, students can understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and this will be the base for their further study of the Chinese language.

In the 2nd year, students can understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with basic level communications.

In the 3rd year, students should have reached an excellent level in basic Chinese, and should be able to communicate on familiar daily topics in a simple manner.

In the 4th and 5th year, students can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic and professional lives. When traveling to China, they will manage most forms of communication in Chinese. At the end of their 5th year, students will have the opportunity to enter for their IGCSE exam in Chinese.